{Louisiana photographer Michael Tortorich} 100 things I have learned about photography

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Louisiana photographer Michael Tortorich As of November 15, 2012

1. There are no rules.

2. An expensive camera won't make you a better photographer.

3. Photography is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

4. You can always get better.

5. It's best to have at least three copies of every photo you intend to keep.

6. There's nothing wrong with zooming with your feet instead of your lens.

7. Wearing a bikini and bending over a Dodge Charger does not  necessarily make you a model.

8. Photoshop will not fix everything.

9. A photographer vest with lots of pockets is better than bags.

10. Sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you.

11. You can be your biggest critic.

12. Simplicity is beautiful.

13. Everything you see is not worthy of a photo.

14. Changing your perspective can greatly enhance an image.

15. Every time you take a photo, you get better as a photographer.

16. Cameras don't "see" like our eyes.

17. Even a blind mouse finds cheese...sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

18. No matter how good I think I am, I am still capable of taking a horrible photo.

19. Shadows can either ruin an image, or make it wildly interesting.

20. Pets aren't into posing.

21. A point-and-shoot and phone camera can get the job done.

22. Grain in a photo isn't always a bad thing.

23. A photograph can tell a story better than words.

24. The more confident you are, the better.

25. You don't need lenses to cover every focal length, you just need to move more.

26. Photography can take you places you'd never thought you'd go.

27. A camera is both a toy and a tool.

28. Some shots can't be recreated.

29. Not everyone will understand photographers.

30. Auto mode is not always best to use.

31. Emotion can improve an image.

32. Invest in good shoes.

33. Black and white never goes out of style.

34. Some things can't be taught.

35. You will be humbled.

36. You will always have an excuse to buy equipment.

37. Some photos will grow on you, others will get stale.

38. Like a song, a photo can bring back memories.

39. People don't have to be in a photo for it to be interesting.

40. Just because someone says something, it's not necessarily true (myself included).

41. You can make your own luck by being prepared.

42. The sun is a powerful light source that can be harnessed.

43. Follow your gut instinct.

44. You can memorize a focal length with practice.

45. Just because you're interested in a photo, it doesn't mean anyone else will be.

46. Try to have at least two of everything (memory cards, batteries, etc.).

47. You never know when inspiration will strike you.

48. Criticism can help you improve.

49. Less is more.

50. A decisive moment can be frozen in time.

51. You must take chances.

52. If you don't have natural light, you can always use artificial light.

53. Anticipate things before they happen.

54. You never know when something is going to happen.

55. The fundamentals should be a habit.

56. It's best to just stay positive.

57. Purposely make yourself uncomfortable, and you will learn from it.

58. Paying attention to details will pay off.

59. It's not always wise to stay in one place too long.

60. You should be yourself. Be unique.

61. Look for color. It will help you paint the picture.

62. Be mindful of everything in the composition.

63. There are no shortcuts.

64. Just like in school, it's a good idea to do homework.

65. Time must be managed.

66. Make an impact.

67. Think about what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

68. Be the man (or woman) for the job.

69. The greats like Ansel Adams didn't need digital technology to produce stunning work.

70. Shoot as much as possible; you can't add photos later.

71. It's generally best to use flash off the camera.

72. Hustle pays off.

73. Be patient.

74. Always be a student of the craft.

75. Remain disciplined.

76. Stay humble.

77. Keep an open mind to all ideas.

78.People are important in the grand scheme of things.

79. If lots of photographers are all in the same place, walk away and find a new perspective.

80. Question everything.

81. Look for the big picture.

82. There's no need to copy others.

83. You should treat everyone with respect.

84. There are a variety of ways to communicate.

85. Stalking a shot can yield better results.

86. There will be dry spells.

87. Equipment can and will fail.

88. Being a blowhard won't work.

89. Inspiration won't necessarily be where you are.

90. Every photo is like a postcard from the past.

91. Being lazy won't cut it.

92. Social networks can be both helpful and hurtful.

93. You dictate the energy level.

94. Stay in control, even when the pressure is on.

95. Fake it until you make it.

96. Caffeine and photography go well together.

97. The technology surrounding photography constantly changes.

98. There will always be people who won't understand you.

99. Photography changes the way you see.

100. I could never learn it all.

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